Alcoholism Methadone: Drug Addicts Need a Clean Break – the Guardian

Alcoholism Methadone: Drug addicts need a clean break – The Guardian
Brand summed up Somers’s philosophy when he told the committee: “If you have the disease or the illness of addiction or alcoholism, the best way to tackle it is to not use drugs in any form, whether it is state-sponsored opiates, like methadone …
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Alcoholism Methadone: Alcohol sensors in cars should be made compulsory, says controversial professor who claimed Ecstasy is safer than drink – Daily Mail
Most controversially, Professor Nutt said all drugs, including alcohol and tobacco, should be ranked by a ‘harm’ index – with drinking coming fifth behind cocaine, heroin, barbiturates, and methadone. Alcolocks – which Prof Nutt wants fitted to all cars …
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Alcoholism Methadone: KEM hospital starts new treatment for addicts of opium-based drugs – Hindustan Times
Deepak now goes to KEM hospital every day for his methadone dose. “I no longer crave Fortwin or alcohol,” said Deepak, who started treatment on April 7.
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