Alcoholism Methadone: Mum’s Death in Bin Area After Alcohol and Drugs – Bedford Today

Alcoholism Methadone: Mum’s death in bin area after alcohol and drugs – Bedford Today
A YOUNG woman died after consuming a lethal combination of methadone and alcohol and sleeping rough an inquest heard this week. Sarah Butler, 27, of St Marks Close, Flitwick died on December 13 last year in the bin area of flats in Lindon Court …
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Alcoholism Methadone: LSD May Help Treat Alcoholism – Time
The treatment of alcoholism using LSD is not as unconventional as it … was also found in early trials to reduce or even eliminate withdrawal symptoms from heroin while producing an intense and often emotionally exhausting trip.
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Alcoholism Methadone: Parents of addicts are put in a “hideous” position – St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Dan Duncan, director of community services for the National Council on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse-St. Louis area, said parents of heroin addicts are often put in a horrible position: What’s the difference between helping my child and enabling my child?
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Alcoholism Methadone: Official war history says alcohol abuse posed problems for Australians fighting in Vietnam – Washington Post
CANBERRA, Australia — Alcohol abuse during the Vietnam War was a significant … But some Australian commanders regarded beer as a lesser evil than the heroin and marijuana that gained popularity with allied U.S. troops fighting in the conflict …
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