Drug Methadone: Methadone Clinics Are Underused Due to Bad Press, Expert Says – Daily Oklahoman

Drug Methadone: Methadone clinics are underused due to bad press, expert says – Daily Oklahoman
“And buying prescription meds off the street isn’t cheap.” Methadone use rises With tens of thousands of Oklahomans struggling with addictions to opiate-based drugs such as OxyContin, heroin and hydrocodone, Cross said it’s a shame more people don’t …
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Drug Methadone: The brutal cost of prescription drug problem – Sun-Journal
The gut-wrenching cost of prescription drug abuse was apparent last week in Franklin County Superior Court. Valerie Webb, 49, sobbed her way through a sentencing hearing for furnishing methadone to her daughter last year. That daughter …
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Drug Methadone: Gateshead families plea for change in law after methadone deaths – BBC News
Methadone is usually prescribed to people trying to overcome addiction to heroin and in most cases users have to take it in front of a pharmacist. At weekends some users are allowed to take doses of the drug home. Sometimes these turn up on the black market.
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Drug Methadone: Truck in crash searched for drugs – Cincinnati.com
FORT WRIGHT – Police are investigating whether the driver of a dump truck who ran a car off an Interstate 275 overpass last week killing the driver was high on heroin or methadone. The truck driver, Aaron Taylor, 30, told police after the …
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