Treating Methadone Withdrawal: Addicted Maine Inmates Have No Choice but to Go Off Drugs 'Cold Turkey'

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Treating Methadone Withdrawal: Addicted Maine inmates have no choice but to go off drugs 'cold turkey'
WINDHAM, Maine — In prison, there is no methadone, no Suboxone, no one to give an opiate addict going through withdrawal symptoms words of comfort … health and whether continued opiate treatment was in the best interest of the child.” …
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Treating Methadone Withdrawal: Huge Increase in Infants Addicted to Prescription Drugs
NAS is the withdrawal response that occurs when an infant is exposed in … in the management of infants with NAS following withdrawal from methadone or … the information they need to properly identify and treat cases of babies born with an …
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Treating Methadone Withdrawal: Town can't dictate methadone clinic locations
Some people aren't concerned about a methadone clinic coming to … health care community, methadone is a synthetic opioid, used to reduce withdrawal symptoms … told The Banner — at least those using methadone are seeking treatment.
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Treating Methadone Withdrawal: Mother Sentenced After Baby Born Addicted To Drugs
He was put on Morphine and then Methadone to ween him off the drugs. … "They don't have withdrawal symptoms because babies are resilient. … Cristin Severance that treating someone who is pregnant and addicted to drugs is not rare.
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