Methadone Detox: Methadone Clinics Could Get New Rules – Nashville Tennessean

Methadone Detox: Methadone clinics could get new rules – Nashville Tennessean
People who have tried and failed to quit opioids turn to methadone, a drug that prevents withdrawal symptoms and allows them to function. How long a patient stays on methadone treatment can vary greatly, depending upon the degree of addiction …
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Methadone Detox: ‘Preferred’ pain drug now called last resort – Seattle Times
For instance, methadone patients can suffer prolonged withdrawal symptoms, like nausea and depression. With most pain drugs, withdrawal subsides within a week. Methadone’s grip can last for months, even years, he said. State officials will …
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Methadone Detox: Heroin: It’s pure, cheap and hooking Hazleton kids – Standard Speaker
3. Watch for physical signs of abuse. Heroin’s signs can be glassy eyes, pinpoint pupils, an appearance of sedation, or sleepiness that ought not to be there. Early withdrawal looks like a case of the flu, runny nose, an almost bark like cough …
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Methadone Detox: Rapid Detox Programs Dangerous Claims San Clemente Rehab Center – YAHOO!
Whether the addict’s drug of choice being methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana, or alcohol; the detox process is one that simply takes the appropriate amount of evaluation and time to complete when properly administered.
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Methadone Detox: Independence on the front lines of the drug war – Cleveland Plain Dealer
She was against doing heroin, but saw her boyfriend doing it with seemingly no side effects, so she tried it. After using it for a week straight, she went into the flu-like symptoms of withdrawal. “Now that I knew what the withdrawal was like …
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